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Censor Ninja

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Want to censor your pics? Just draw with your finger. Don't be frustrated by difficult to move and resize "censor boxes". Quickly censor your photos with the simplest ad-free censor app on the App Store.

It Super Easy to:

✓ pixelate for free
✓ change the intensity of the censor (from a little pixelated to extremely pixelated)
✓ censor specific areas for security purposes
✓ make fun photos
✓ cover license plates to sell you vehicle
✓ crop and zoom your photo
✓ share to Facebook, Twitter or the camera roll

Get the Pro Pack to Unlock These Features:

✓ Blur
✓ Color
✓ Dots
✓ Invert
✓ Circles
✓ Color Map
✓ Posterize
✓ Hatch
✓ Straighten

Also Unlocked with the Pro Pack:

✓ 26 unique stickers including NSFW, CENSORED, R-RATED, X-RATED, a cool ninja throwing star, and many others
✓ 24 different and unique patterns
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