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Who's Calling

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Fake an incoming call from a celebrity, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or anybody you want. You won't believe how easy it is to add celebrities and goofy internet pics. The most realistic iPhone fake caller app on the App Store allows you to make your iPhone or iPod touch ring on demand!

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You can use this app to:

✓ Fool your friends into thinking a celebrity is calling you
✓ Trick everyone into thinking you have a real iPhone
✓ Get out of a bad date
✓ Brag to your friends that a hot guy or girl is calling you
✓ Get a call from a super hero
✓ Get a call from Santa
✓ Get out of a meeting


✓ 25 ringtones included
✓ Customizable time delay
✓ Loaded with several callers to get you started
✓ Easily search the web for any pic to add to a caller
✓ Add an unlimited number of callers
✓ Delete callers you don't want

Easily Add As Many Celebrities Or Anyone You Want.
Your Imagination Is The Limit!

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How to:

To delete a caller, touch and hold until the caller starts to jiggle, then tap the X.
Set your Auto-Lock setting to "Never" if you want the call to ring in 5 minutes or more. Auto-Lock can be found in the general settings of the iPhone or iPod touch.
This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true calling functionality.