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Announcing Indie iOS Focus Weekly

I’m excited to announce a new weekly newsletter focused on independent iOS development.

Indie iOS Focus Weekly will include topics such as

  • Developer tools
  • Frameworks
  • Tricks (Xcode, ASO, balancing life)
  • Indie lifestyle management
  • Marketing your apps

I look at it as a brain dump of all the stuff I’ve come across in the past week with a focus on the independent developer. Oftentimes, the coding is the easy part. Indie iOS Focus Weekly won’t be very code heavy as I want to focus more on the toolbox you will need to be successful in this crazy app market.

I’ve been independent with a full time ‘regular’ job for over three years and have released over 10 apps. I’m passionate about iOS development and run across cool stuff all the time. Time to share!

If you see something cool, send it to me at or on twitter @cdbeshore.

First issue is January 22nd, 2015.

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Chris Beshore

I'm an indie iOS developer based in Kansas City, MO.

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  1. Hi! I’m in a similar position to you, an iOS and Android indie developer of 4 years working around a 9-5 job. Is your job in development? My job is an engineer so unrelated to app development. I enjoy making apps so much that I want to turn it into my career but am struggling getting employment as everyone wants commercial experience. If you want to view my iOS apps search Tim Denyer. ‘Hot O Meter Free’ is my most downloaded (over 2m). I look forward to reading your news letter.

    1. Hey Tim. My regular job is not in development, it’s in insurance. However, I am working with a developer on a new quoting and policy issuance system for our agency, so I get to work on some code. My advice for you is to just keep at it and gain more experience. Part of the reason I blog and started the newsletter is to increase my exposure and make some connections in the industry. I haven’t tried the iOS job market yet, but I can see where you are coming from. I’ll check out your apps. Those are some great download numbers, so you have a good portfolio started already. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the newsletter.

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