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Using Hazel to Manage App Screenshots

Hazel App


I’ve been frustrated trying to manageĀ app screenshots for years. I typically just dump all of them in a folder and go through when I need them. I decided to make Hazel rules to at least sort them into folders by device. It’s saved me some frustration, so I thought I would share how I did it.

As a side note, Hazel is an indispensable tool that is worth buying. I use it for countless file automation tasks. There is a free 14 day trial, so at least give it a try if you haven’t before.


In the folder you save your screenshots to, create a folder for each device.

Hazel ScreenShot Rule


Then set Hazel up to handle the files.


these are the rules on the main folder


Set the rule to make sure the filetype is png and the correct pixel height and/or width.



I’ve only been using with the simulator so far, but I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t work with device screenshots that you dump in the folder. All you have to do is save your screenshots from the simulator and when you are all done, all your screenshots will be organized by device for easy upload to iTunes Connect or to import into Photoshop or Sketch.

Here’s Apples documentation regarding device screenshot sizes. Scroll down to see screenshot requirements for iTunes Connect, which is what the device and simulator will save.

Chris Beshore

I'm an indie iOS developer based in Kansas City, MO.

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